The Voice behind the Music


In this blog, Louise writes about her creative process and the nouns that inspire her. 

Known for her poetic and illuminating lyrical content, veteran songwriter, Louise Taylor finds herself living in the Hawaii islands, basking in the sun with her 2012 internationally acclaimed release “Tangerine” in her back pocket.  Life is good!

For her sixth album Tangerine, Louise Taylor and producers Peter Gallway and Annie Gallup opted for a dramatically direct approach: keep her songs in a stark, stripped down but plugged-in form utilizing simply Taylor’s expressive voice, her trusty hollow body Duesenburg electric guitar and, in a stroke of divine luck, the masterful percussive work of renowned drummer Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel). The exquisite end result is a collection of songs steeped in late night atmospherics, both personal and powerful, an album that easily and firmly reestablishes Taylor as one of our finest, if unheralded, writers and performers. Direct Current Music 

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